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Cartoon Network reboots Thundercats

Thundercats 2011

Thundercats 2011 (Credit: Warner Bros.)

Last summer, Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. Animation announced they would be rebooting the 1980's animated classic Thundercats animated series. In anticipation of its debut later this year, a 2 minute trailer was released featuring a much leaner Lion-O and his team of cat-like humanoid aliens .

As child of the 80's, fan of original show and a self-confessed grown up nerd, I'm not really feeling it.

Warner Bros. chose to go with a Japanaese animation company,  STUDIO4°C, responsible for the reboot of the Transformers. Based on the clips from the trailer, the animation feels a bit too much like anime, leaving behind the grittyness that made the original a classic.

When watching the trailer below, focus no further than the shots of Mumm-Ra, the demonic, mummified sorcerer and nemesis of the Thundercats. I recently watched some of the original episodes, and his eyes are as piercing and bone chilling as I remember them when I was kid. The 2011 version? It looks like Dragon Ball Z's Goku is about to enter the screen with a Kamehameha blast.

It just doesn't feel right. Check out the trailer below, judge for yourself.


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