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Combat 'Resident Evil', vote for Adam Benford

Warp Pipe received a campaign kit from 'Resident

Warp Pipe received a campaign kit from 'Resident Evil 6' fictional character President Adam Benford. (Credit: Daryl Thomen)

War, economics, terrorism and zombies...

While President Barack Obama and Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney continue to make headlines this election year, one man is stepping up to remind the American people that there is hope left for our nation's safety and security.  That man is Adam Benford.

In a press kit sent to us at Warp Pipe, President Benford in a written address stated that he launched "a full-scale investigation into the recent C-virus outbreak in order to contain and identify the contagion spreading across North America, Europe and Asia" and referred to a website ( displaying a live infection map.

The fictional President Adam Benford and the mentioned C-virus are important to the plot of the upcoming Capcom release "Resident Evil 6".  This is a unique way to tie into this year's election, so I applaud the clever minds from which it was spawned.  The live infection map offers social media members to join in on the buzz and play along with the anticipation of the game set to be released on Oct. 2 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. 

Warn people now!  Check out the website today!

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