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Happy Birthday Xbox LIVE!

Microsoft sent download codes to elite Xbox Live

Microsoft sent download codes to elite Xbox Live subscribers to celebrate ten years of the service. (Credit: Microsoft)

I still look back fondly on my time playing 'Rainbow Six: Black Arrow' with my friends on the original Xbox. It was during a time when a wall of text was torn down and voice chatting was enabled between gamers from different households. On November 15th, 2001, Microsoft's debut home console set to revolutionize the industry with the first Halo video game (Halo: Combat Evolved) and other titles like the party game Fuzion Frenzy.

Now ten years later and mealy 2,000 titles on both Xbox and Xbox 360, Microsoft has surpassed expectations with an incredible amount of history since introducing the world to Xbox Live. Pretty impressive after other companies released products like XBand that failed to capture what is known today as online multiplayer entertainment. I do miss "Fish Pong" though...

The "X" marks the spot for ten years of Xbox Live and to celebrate, Microsoft sent out special download codes to some of their elite members of the service. I'll be downloading the avatar helmet that let's my fellow Live party members that this guy right here was part of video game history. To add to the festivities, an entry contest is being held to win a custom Xbox LIVE Anniversary Xbox 360 console, 4,000 Microsoft Points, free months of Xbox Music and Xbox LIVE Gold, and more. Xbox Live members will receive an addition entry when downloading the appropriate gamerpic.

So from us at Newsday's Warp Pipe, congratulations Microsoft on 10 years of Xbox Live!  

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