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iPhone killer: Leaked video shows Galaxy S4 with projected keyboard

The Samsung Galaxy S III was the best-selling

The Samsung Galaxy S III was the best-selling smartphone in the world during the third quarter of 2012, according to Strategy Analytics. (Credit: Samsung)

The coolest feature of Samsung’s forthcoming attempt at another “iPhone killer” may be a laser projection of a keyboard that owners can use to input text.

Russian technology site Roketzed got its hands on a rendering of the new phone, which, as Business Insider explains, is simply the shell of the phone without most of the planned features.

The video shows a super-thin phone, tentatively dubbed the Galaxy S4, with a large screen that corresponds to the 4.99-inch size industry insiders have come to expect. What’s unclear from the video is whether the phone will deliver on the super high-definition, flexible display and the 13-megapixel camera that were the subject of a recent Reuters report. The exact release date of the phone also remains up in the air. Samsung said it would not appear at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, and so the latest iteration of the Galaxy is now expected to debut some time next spring.

While the camera and display resolutions are important, any purported “iPhone killer” needs a differentiating factor — some clear feature that would sway consumers toward the brand despite Apple’s name-brand cachet, admired reputation and widespread adoption.

Perhaps the laser-projection keyboard is that factor. Obviously, the function is nothing more than a juicy rumor at this point, and it could come with severe limitations. But if it is well-implemented, the keyboard would bring the possibility of advanced content creation to the smartphone platform and bring clunky smartphone keyboards, burdensome in users’ pockets, to the brink of extinction. Granted, the technology already exists in the form of third-party add-ons. But building it into the phone’s operating system would offer Samsung the opportunity to throw marketing weight behind the feature.

Would a laser-projected keyboard compel you to switch to Samsung?

Image: The Samsung Galaxy S III was the bestselling smartphone in the world during the third quarter of 2012, according to Strategy Analytics.

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