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Kidsday previews Madden 13

Kidsday reporter John Shea from Floral Park tested out Electronic Arts' video game Madden NFL 13, which comes out in late August, at EA's annual "Hot for the Holidays" event in Manhattan. Videojournalist: Patrick Mullooly (July 2, 2012)

After years of 'flagrant fouls' cried out against the franchise by some of it's core fans for essentially distributing a re-packed gaming experience year after year, EA Sports started '"thinking with their dip stick" and fueled 'Madden 13' with a new engine.
No two tackles will look the same thanks in part to EA Sports' addition of the Infinity Engine which uses real-time physics to make the game more realistic.

Kidsday reporter Johnny Ryan had a chance to check out the newly "broadcast inspired" facelift 'Madden 13' received during EA's 'Hot for the Holidays' event in Manhattan. 

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