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Olympic Gold Medalist competes for Mario's gold

Kidsday reporters Igor Martiniouk, Casey Mawhinney, Gina Ginenthal and Zachary Fischer, from P.S. 196 in Forest Hills, spoke with gold medal-winning gymnast Gabby Douglas, who was in Manhattan to promote New Super Mario Brothers 2. Videojournalist: Patrick Mullooly (Sept. 25, 2012)

As part of her first major product endorsement since the 2012 Olympic Games, Gabrielle Douglas made a public appearance with iconic video game character Mario at New York’s Nintendo World store on Sept. 25. Fans who arrived early enough had a chance to meet Douglas and get an autograph.

As a Mario fan, Gabrielle Douglas leaped at the opportunity to work with Nintendo for its new Nintendo 3DS “Play As You Are” campaign, which is designed to show women and girls that you don’t need to be gamer to enjoy Nintendo 3DS. Kidsday was there to interview her and Warp Pipe has the video.

Gabrielle will appear in broadcast advertising and compete for a different kind of gold in "New Super Mario Bros. 2".

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