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'Rock Band Blitz' tackles your DLC library

Kidsday reporters Casey and Matt are 'Off the Couch' to review 'Rock Band Blitz' available on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Videojournalist: Daryl Thomen (Sept. 30, 2012)

I love you Harmonix.  There I said it.

I love that you continue to keep the Rock Band product alive when most of the gaming world has put away their plastic instruments and shut the door on what use to be a must have at any house party.  Karaoke and rhythm-based button-pressing fun is still alive and kicking thanks to the developers' weekly support of downloadable song additions to the once so popular game that even MTV had an award category on their "Video Music Awards" show.  The moonmen may not be sought after by my fellow band mates anymore, but they pounced at the chance to play the new rhythm game "Rock Band Blitz".

"Rock Band Blitz" offers both a challenging new way to play most of your existing Rock Band content as well as over 20 new songs exclusively available with purchasing the digital download.  Even better, the new songs featuring such artists as Iron Maiden and Maroon 5 can be playable with Rock Band 3.  As much as I cannot stand Maroon 5, I can now add "Moves Like Jagger" to my "songs I enjoy secretly to play on Rock Band" setlist.

As a standalone game, "Rock Band Blitz" brings back the magic of Harmonix's PS2 titles" Frequency" and "Amplitude."  Using the triggers to move across each conveyored instrument chart, players have to time their actions to each note that is thrown at them, although this time with controller.  At first, I felt uncomfortable without a guitar in hand or microphone stand in front of me but after a few short sessions the game really works well and I had a blast just finger-tapping to my favorite Judas Priest tracks using the directional pad and "A" button without the need of pulling out the plastic Fender guitar. 

The game offers a wide and wacky range of power-ups such as "Bottle Rocket" that allows you explode distant, oncoming gemmed notes.  These power-ups can be used individually or in combination once they are unlocked by accumulating in game coins.  These coins are earned each time a song is played through to the finish line.  The better the score, the better the puntos. 

According to Harmonix, the amount of coins earned in specific cases was recently adjusted due to social network and forum feedback.  Check out the game's website for the details if you already own the game.

Speaking of social media, the game has a companion Facebook app.  Updated every Monday, the app offers goals for both "Rock Band Blitz" and "Rock Band 3" wherein players can earn coins while revisiting some of their favorite downloads from the past years.  This is a great way to compete with fans of the "Rock Band" series as well as discover DLC both new and old to add to your growing library of songs. 

"Rock Band Blitz" gives me the chance to play through a few tracks with a single controller, sing along without trying to be in tune and rack up a serious score in the process.  If you own some of those old DLC tracks, this is a must buy and will add life to a game that in my opinion never was dead in the first place. 

Thankfully, "the day the music died" will never come for Harmonix.

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