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Since the dawn of the cell phone era, people have been customizing the look of their phones, and casemakers do their best to offer many options.

So when began offering custom skins based on uploaded photos, my interest was peaked.

I tested their custom printing service and found the customizer very easy to use. Making a skin for my iPhone 4 was a snap. You can either upload a custom image or use their text and shape tools to build your own.

The skin is digitally printed on a thick film that is easily applied to your phone. Stick-on skins for phones are not really my thing, but the quality of the product is top notch. And at $20 bucks a skin, it’s not a bad price.

All in all, if your looking to give your phone a truly custom look using your own creativity, offers a nice outlet. I can only hope that they are working on custom cases instead of stick-on skins. That is something I think would be more worthwhile. 

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