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Tower Defense: Lost Earth hooks RTS fans

A screengrab from Tower Defense: Lost Earth.

A screengrab from Tower Defense: Lost Earth. (Credit: Com2uS Inc.)

Looking for a great real-time strategy game for your mobile Apple device? Well look no farther than Tower Defense: Lost Earth. You are the commander of a defense grid set on protecting your outpost from a slew of different scary alien monsters hell-bent on your destruction.

Because the developers focused more on game play than plot, the game shines as a great action puzzle game. There is some story line, but nothing substantial. This is raw RTS at its finest. As you progress you’ll receive various towers and special weapons to blast your enemies into a gooey alien pulp. As enemies follow a path through each level, your job is to strategically place your defense towers to kill waves of aliens before they reach your base.

This game is a solid strategy game that continuously challenges and hooks you with upgrades, challenges and increased difficulty as you progress. Compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, it's a steal 99 cents.

Tower Defense game play

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