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Word Lens promises to translate words instantly

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Word Lens is an app that uses the camera on your iPhone to translate and text you point it at, instantly to the language of your preference. The video makes this thing look great, but once you download the free App you’ll get only two options. Reverse words and erase word which are free to to my guess show you how great the app is. But you’ll have to shelve out an extra $4.99 each for the more usable options, Spanish to English and English to Spanish. At first the default options would seem like they would be fun to play with, wrong. The software isn’t polished enough to be usable. I pointed it at a small sentence on a white sheet of paper and the program had some trouble finding where the words were. Small flashes and blotches covered, at times, some text but not all never fully erasing or reversing the letters. Seems to work well on large signs and blocky text but nothing too complicated.

Don't get me wrong, its definitly an amazing technology. The YouTube video makes this App look like one of the best thing since Angry Birds, but I'm not convinced. You'll have to shelve out some loot to get usable features. Although super cool not sure if its worth the cash. You decide.


Word Lens Demonstration

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