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World map of social networks shows Facebook is king

Social Networking World Map

Social Networking World Map (Credit: Vincenzo Consenza /

So what does your country's preffered social network say about it? Not sure, but apparently not everyone has given into Mark Zuckerberg's empire.

Vincenzo Consenza, an italian digital PR guy, created a series of social maps showing how the social networking world has evolved since June of 2009 based on Google Trends and Alexa

As expected, Facebook continued to grow, having pulled Peru and India from another social network, while overtaking other pockets of resistance in Africa and Europe.

The world is not competeley blue though. Facebook is blocked in China and Iran, so the Chinese flock to QZone and Iranians to Cloob, two government controlled social networks. 

It seems like only Russian, Japanese and Brazilian populations have freely resisted the Facebook rule, opting instead for their own homegrown social networks.

CLICK HERE for a large version of the 2010 map.

World Map of Social Networks

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