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Star Wars: Old Republic hits PCs Dec. 20

Star Wars Old Republic screenshot

(Credit: BioWare)

It's taken three years, but Star Wars: Old Republic finally has an official release date -- Dec. 20, 2011.

The subscription-based MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) promises to please the entire spectrum of gamers -- from the World of Warcraft guys, to the Star Wars fans, and traditional gamers (even those who are MMOG newbies).

The game is PC-only, and immerses...

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Torchlight comes to Xbox Live Arcade

Torchlight for XBox available on XBox Live Arcade


If you're like me and love MMORPGs like World of Warcraft but just don’t have the time to contribute, you are in luck. Torchlight is a similar, play-at-your-own-pace, single-player game that can be compared to WOW. Runic Games developed Torchlight for the PC, but now console gamers can get in on the action.

Right from the start you’ll see a lot of nuances that make one think this...

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