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Sony delivers a headset ready to rumble

Sony's all new PULSE wireless stereo headset -

(Credit: Sony)

"The audio quality and BassImpact should be experienced by PS3 owners and those wanting to be immersed in their entertainment."

- Warp Pipe


Tapping buttons on a gamepad has evolved into a physical interaction with what you do on the screen. When you see it happen, you feel it happening.  Prior to E3, Sony announced its plans to release the new PULSE wireless...

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Review: Orb Audio, quality in small package

Orb Audio Mod2 satellites


Are you looking for some great surround-sound speakers but don’t have a boatload of cash to fork over for a Bose system? Are you looking for great sound to fill a small room?

Well, Orb Audio's satellite home audio surround-sound systems are worth a look.

Each speaker looks, well, like an orb, making them a bit of a fashion statement. So I was a bit skeptical when we received the...

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