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Time well spent in 'Crosswords Plus' and 'Art Academy' for the 3DS

Nintendo's handheld game console 3DS and its game


Crossword puzzles may very well be the godfather of passing-the-time activities. Whether it was a long business flight or that last few pages of a TV Guide, we are all victims to its black and white boxes of splendor. Nintendo brings that same classic brain scratcher to the 3DS with 'Crosswords Plus'.

No trees were harmed in the making of this game thanks to its simple design and touch-screen...

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'LittleBigPlanet' gets better on smaller screen

"LittleBigPlanet PS Vita" is a puzzle-platformer for the

(Credit: Sony)

Need a reason to purchase a PlayStation Vita? Sackboy's got you covered with "LittleBigPlanet PS Vita."

I must admit: I was never drawn to owning the high-definition mobile device. Most game sessions ended rather quickly and had me clamoring for a big screen due to the amount of detail squished into the handheld's screen.

But one play through with "LBP Vita"...

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Nobody does it better than 'Super Mario'

Originally called "Jumpman," Mario debuted in 1981 and

(Credit: AP)

There are two moments in time as a kid I would do almost anything to relive. One would be to go back to the those summer days as of Little League and to have a catch with my father. The other…the first day I played "Super Mario Bros. 3". I can still remember the day my dad surprised me with a trip to 'Mr. Roberts' Video" store and bought it for me. Eagerly removing the cartridge from...

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'Spy Hunter' rebooted on handhelds

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced the Nintendo 3DS

(Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

In the 1980s, arcades across the country were the place to be for gamers.

Those wooden decalled cabinets emanating light onto widened eyes are images still embedded in my mind. One game many will remember was the popular "Spy Hunter". Although many arcade rooms have closed their doors, the digital highways offer more adventure for gamers reprising their role of "The Agent".


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