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ActiveSleeve sacrifices protection for style

NXE ActiveSleeve mobile device arm band.

(Credit: Handout)

If you looking for a stylish armband to rock out while you work out, NXE has a idea. The ActiveSleeve is a lightweight generic armband for mobile devices. Perfect for any type of media player from iPhones to Zune players. The sleeve has minimal presence, which looks great on your arm, but at a cost.

In the first run with the ActiveSleeve the performance was top notch. It felt great on my arm, ...

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Get ready for Bumpy Roads

Simogo's new game, Bumpy Road

(Credit: Simogo)

Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and MacGenre: Action, Sidescrolling, Platform

Games that take creativity to a new level are always of interest to me. The developers at Simogo, makers of Kosmo Spin, are no strangers to clever gaming. Simogo has only one game in its lineup, but there's another in the works, Bumpy Road. Check out the debut trailer, below.Bumpy Road debut trailer...

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Gameloft pulls on the wallet strings

Gameloft Logo


Finding awesome free games on the Apple App store is a great feeling. But when a game is said to be free and turns out to be a demo, well, that just puts a damper on the whole experience. Gameloft is a publisher that loves this type of release model. They make some great games, but most of them are knock-offs of console or PC games.

Case in point is "Starfront: Collision." A real-time...

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Angry Birds migrates off phones, onto real life

Mattel Angry Birds Knock on Wood

(Credit: Jose Moreno)

Since its release in 2009, Angry Birds has developed a huge and loyal fan base across the globe with over 50 million downloads. The game is now looking to migrate from the phone onto beds, schools, clothes and gaming rooms.

(Angry Birds is a puzzle video game for the iPhone and Android smart phones in which players use a slingshot to launch wingless birds at fortresses with the goal...

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