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Amazon, Facebook join Tel Aviv's flourishing tech scene

Downtown Tel Aviv, where in 2013 technology seems

(Credit: AP, 2004)

Forget the newest, largest cellphone display or Apple's latest hire, this week's most significant tech news may be the office plans publicized by two of the world's largest technology firms. On successive days both Amazon and Facebook announced they were planting flags in Tel Aviv. Facebook will operate an office through its $100 million purchase of mobile analytics firm Onava. Meanwhile, Amazon...

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Cuomo pledges $25M toward broader Internet access

Verizon lineman Clemente Calma installs fiber optic cable

(Credit: AP)

We take our high-speed Internet for granted here on Long Island. We have come to expect consistent service not only from the cable companies to whom we fork over more than $40 per month for the right to broadband access, but also from the businesses, public institutions and even the parks and public gathering places we frequent.

So it may seem quaint to Long Islanders that Gov....

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Watch live video from Comic-Con in San Diego

Costumed characters walk to preview night on Wednesday

(Credit: AP, 2011)

Comic-Con 2011 kicked off Wednesday night at the San Diego Convention Center, and today promises to be full of even more exciting events, panels and reveals. We're particularly looking forward to learning about the future of the Halo franchise along with news of Capcom's upcoming games, like Asura's Wrath and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. This weekend is sure to be packed with exciting...

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