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Review: Kickin' it old school with 'Midway Arcade Origins'

'Midway Arcade Origins' is available now for XBOX

(Credit: Backbone Entertainment)

"...a terrific port that keeps the retro flame burning bright."  - Warp Pipe

In the 1980s, arcade cabinets stood proudly side-by-side in dark rooms, collectively chirping out digital soundtracks and static noise like a bird's nest of newborns calling for their first meal of the day. On their menu was our quarters, and at arcades across the country those coins were spent as pockets...

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Warp Pipe's App of the Week

Mattel launches 'Masters of the Universe' game app

(Credit: Chillingo Ltd)

"...celebrate thirty years of He-Man with your family and friends in the palm of your hands or raise it high above so that everyone knows you are gaming with 'POWER!' " - Warp Pipe


Warp Pipe's App of the Week honors goes to 'He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe'. It's been thirty years since Prince Adam, son of King Randor and Queen Marlena,...

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Cartoon Network reboots Thundercats

Thundercats 2011

(Credit: Warner Bros.)

Last summer, Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. Animation announced they would be rebooting the 1980's animated classic Thundercats animated series. In anticipation of its debut later this year, a 2 minute trailer was released featuring a much leaner Lion-O and his team of cat-like humanoid aliens .

As child of the 80's, fan of original show and a self-confessed grown up nerd, I'm not really...

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