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CES preview: Beware the lemon gadgets

A participant at the Consumer Electronics Show in

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The Consumer Electronics Show is just around the corner. I'm looking forward to seeing the next generation of dual-core 4G phones, "smart TVs" and wireless audio solutions. But as reported by The Associated Press, CES is also home to flops (see Android Tablets, Netbooks, 3-D TVs). Here are some potential downers that tech companies will continue to push onto consumers this year.


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Kindle Fire v. iPad, by the numbers

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos introduces the new Kindle

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A look at the differences between the Amazon Kindle Fire, and the Apple iPad:

Price: The Kindle Fire, which connects to the Web over Wi-Fi networks, will cost $199 when it begins selling on Nov. 15. The iPad costs $499-$829, depending on storage capacity and its wireless capabilities.

Screen size: The Kindle Fire's display measures 7 inches at the diagonal, while the iPad has a 9.7-inch...

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Apple security breach – are you at risk?

Two women compare iPhones in front of Manhattan's

(Credit: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

The and the Wall Street reported today that a German technology watchdog group called the Federal Office for Information Security alerted Apple that malicious software may allow hackers to spy on credit card information, phone calls and other personal information through various Apple devices. This virus is obtained by clicking on PDF files, which can carry the virus and affect almost all Apple mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

This problem is compounded by the fact that there are no available antivirus programs for these devices, leaving users vulnerable to infiltration.

For a long while, Apple device were believed to be the safer alternative for surfing the web, as they were thought to be less susceptible to viruses and other invasions while downloading and browsing on the internet.

However, this recent slip-up in Apple’s security has the possibility to damage the company’s reputation as having better protective software than PCs. Worse still, Apple has not issued a patch for the security breach, leaving users to fend for themselves until a solution is found.

This recent hacking follows the now infamous Playstation hack in April, when that entire gaming network was brought down for weeks while Sony sought to fix the security problems.

Is your faith in Apple shaken by this breach in security? And how can companies stop hackers from infiltrating the private information of their users in an age where it seems like anything can be hacked? Let us know your thoughts below.

Rumors: iPhone 5 announcement at WWDC

Mac OSX Lion, Mission Control

(Credit: Apple)

Apple is set to host its annual Worldwide Developers Conference on June 6. The company is saying that this year we'll be seeing  "the future of iOS and Mac OS."

The blogosphere is already abuzz thinking that the iPhone5 will be unveiled since it's predecessor was first made public last year on the same stage. The potential announcement has driven ticket prices to the five day...

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A faster, lighter iPad 2 will be out March 11

An attendee looks at the GarageBand program as

(Credit: Getty Images)

Apple's second generation iPad was just announced and will be available in the United States on March 11 via the Apple Store. As expected, the iPad 2 will be faster and lighter than its predecessor, but there are some features that the blogosphere called for that have been left out.

The iPad 2 will sport a 1 GHz dual-core Apple A5 custom cpu. Cosmetically changes are minimal. It will...

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Comparing iPad 2 with competitors

The second generation iPads are displayed during Apple's

(Credit: Getty Images)

Now that the iPad 2 is out, Apple lovers are claiming this is the iPad they've been hoping for, but in reality, Steve Jobs didn't announce anything groundbreaking. And the comparisons with its competitors have begun pouring in.

We’ve already seen dual-cameras, dual-core processors, HD recording and HDMI connectivity. It turns out the iPad 2 is a bit faster and has a thinner...

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Macbook Pro refresh gets Thunderbolt, not much else

2011 Macbook Pro

The official iPad 2 announcement is still a week away, but Apple released a Macbook Pro refresh Thursday that will interest fans of Apple’s professional products.

The biggest addition to the new Macbook Pros is the inclusion of Intel’s Thunderbolt port, which has the ability to transfer data at 10 gigabytes. That’s 20 times faster than USB 2.0 and 12 times faster than Firewire...

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Report: iPad 2 unveiling March 2

Tech blog, All Things Digital, is reporting that  Apple will be unveiling the iPad 2 at a March 2 press event.

Apple hasn't officially confirmed this, but the potential announcement does follows a promotion cycle similar to  the first generation iPad, announced in late January 2010.

Tech insiders have been abuzz on the new features of  iPad 2. Most believe it will be thinner,...

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