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'Sleeping Dogs' is a eye-opening joy ride

"Sleeping Dogs" was developed by United Front Games

(Credit: Square Enix)

Open-world gaming has a ton to offer yet some titles have found themselves lost within their own sprawling massive cities. The developers at United Front Games were up for the challenge and impressed publisher Square Enix with the original IP.

Players assume control of Wei Shen, crossing the line between federal agent and criminal. Wei is an officer of the San Francisco Police Department assigned...

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Big Buck HD preview in Manhattan

Big Buck is releasing the first-ever, high-definition arcade

(Credit: Vincent Balestriere)

Big Buck is releasing the first-ever, high-definition arcade game, "Big Buck HD," and Warp Pipe had a chance to fire off a few rounds in New York City for a preview.  It didn't hurt to receive advice from some of the fifth annual Big Buck World Championships contenders either.  

Check out this video from the event and let us know if you're itching to use your trigger fingers...

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Wii U best of the 'Big Three'

"Pikmin 3," the first original entry in the

(Credit: Business Wire)

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have concluded their presentations at E3 this year, and it's no surprise that the Wii U left the biggest impression.

The Wii U's impact at the Electronic Entertainment Expo began even before Nintendo took the stage Tuesday at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The final version of the Wii U controller was shown during a pre-E3 Nintendo broadcast highlighting comfort...

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Max Payne 3 story trailer debuts, disappoints

A screenshot of the video game Max Payne

(Credit: Handout)

Rockstar released a new trailer for Max Payne 3, and it's left us a bit disappointed. Yes, there still looks to be plenty of bullet-dodging action, but the grittiness that made the first two games great is missing.

Gone is the loner Max, who was driven by love, revenge and redemption. This time around, he’s a lackey for a Brazilian businessman whose trophy wife was kidnapped. Max spends the...

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Resident Evil 6 trailer, story, character details released

Screenshot from Resident Evil 6, the latest installment

(Credit: Capcom)

Resident Evil 6 is set to hit shelves in November. While we're still a long way off from the much anticipated release, Capcom released screenshots and details that should hold over even the most rabid fans of the survival horror franchise.


The game takes place 10 years after the Raccoon City incident. The president of the United States has decided to reveal the truth behind the...

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REVIEW: Fortune Street (WII)

Photo credit: Handout

(Credit: Handout)

A Japanese favorite came to the United States for the holiday season. No, it wasn't a large city-stomping reptile, although it might may very well be the Godzilla of Monopoly-styled games.

The game features a cast of characters from both Nintendo's "Mario" and Square Enix's "Dragon Quest." I personally am unfamiliar with Dragon Quest but they are by no means an obscure...

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'Mass Effect 3' multiplayer preview

Gameplay from the multiplayer mode of "Mass Effect

(Credit: EA)

Online team survival modes are really picking up as of late. Games like “Left 4 Dead” and “Call of Duty's” multiplayer modes saw me logging on the most time than any of the other game modes. I guess it's easier to play online against bots instead of other players simply  because you don't see yourself shouting "he's glitching" or "she's moding" with frustration at...

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'The Darkness II' demo impresses with gory fun

The Darkness 2 screenshot.

(Credit: 2k Games)

The Darkness is back. In part deux of the franchise, Jackie Estacado is still fighting against “The Darkness," a supernatural force that possessed him.  It's given him great power, but it also brought with it chaos and destruction.

Based on the supernatural horror comic book created by Top Cow Productions, The Darkness II is a first-person shooter combined with elements of action...

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Comic Con: Amazing Spider-Man video game trailer premieres

Poster image from the Spiderman movie rebook due

(Credit: Marvel Comics)

Not to be confused with the recent video game releases, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions or Spider-Man: Edge of Time, New York City's favorite web slinger has another upcoming video game due out next summer alongside the Hollywood reboot of an all-new Spider-Man movie.

The Amazing Spider-Man is being made by Beenox, the same studio behind the two most recent Spider-Man games. Gerard Lehinay,...

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New York Comic Con showcases geek culture

A convention attendee stands next to Ork from

(Credit: Getty Images)

First, the good news – Comic Con is in town this weekend at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. Awesome. Now the bad news – unless you already have tickets, you probably won’t be able to get in. Tickets for Saturday and Sunday are completely sold out.

But you do have a glimmer of hope to get into the geekfest. Tickets for today are still available for $45.

Whether you...

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