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Warp Pipe's App of the Week

Mattel launches 'Masters of the Universe' game app

(Credit: Chillingo Ltd)

"...celebrate thirty years of He-Man with your family and friends in the palm of your hands or raise it high above so that everyone knows you are gaming with 'POWER!' " - Warp Pipe


Warp Pipe's App of the Week honors goes to 'He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe'. It's been thirty years since Prince Adam, son of King Randor and Queen Marlena,...

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Get more productive with these mobile apps

Last year at holiday time, more than 25

(Credit: AP )

Between work, family and social obligations, our lives are becoming increasingly busy. Now with the holidays coming up, there will be even more planning, scheduling and logistics to keep us occupied. Thankfully, our worlds no longer have to revolve around day planners and the Filofax. There are a ton of great smartphone applications out there to help you keep everything straight.

Take note...

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Tower Defense: Lost Earth hooks RTS fans

A screengrab from Tower Defense: Lost Earth.

(Credit: Com2uS Inc.)

Looking for a great real-time strategy game for your mobile Apple device? Well look no farther than Tower Defense: Lost Earth. You are the commander of a defense grid set on protecting your outpost from a slew of different scary alien monsters hell-bent on your destruction.

Because the developers focused more on game play than plot, the game shines as a great action puzzle game. There is some...

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Golf GPS apps for the course

Sonocaddie Golf GPS screenshot

(Credit: Photo by Sonocaddie Golf GPS)

For those who prefer their greenery with holes instead of flowers, it's time to tee up the apps.

Several companies offer GPS programs for smart phones that can tell you where your ball is in relation to the green and the driving distance of each shot. Some are available for a flat fee, others require a subscription. Some offer trial versions.

For example, Sonocaddie Golf GPS (iPhone...

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Get ready for Bumpy Roads

Simogo's new game, Bumpy Road

(Credit: Simogo)

Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and MacGenre: Action, Sidescrolling, Platform

Games that take creativity to a new level are always of interest to me. The developers at Simogo, makers of Kosmo Spin, are no strangers to clever gaming. Simogo has only one game in its lineup, but there's another in the works, Bumpy Road. Check out the debut trailer, below.Bumpy Road debut trailer...

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Gameloft pulls on the wallet strings

Gameloft Logo


Finding awesome free games on the Apple App store is a great feeling. But when a game is said to be free and turns out to be a demo, well, that just puts a damper on the whole experience. Gameloft is a publisher that loves this type of release model. They make some great games, but most of them are knock-offs of console or PC games.

Case in point is "Starfront: Collision." A real-time...

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