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How to factory reset your smartphone

Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S, left, and Apple's iPhone

(Credit: AP)

If you’re looking to sell your old smartphone, it’s a good idea to completely wipe its memory. Here’s a guide on how to perform a factory reset on each mobile operating system.


To restore your iPhone, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed. Launch iTunes and connect the iPhone. In the left column under “Devices,” click on your iPhone,...

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Blackberry messages to Android, iOs users?

You soon may be able to BBM friends

(Credit: Getty Images)

Tech blog BGR is reporting that RIM plans on taking its BlackBerry Messenger app to Android and iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone.

Details are still sketchy surrounding the timing and pricing. RIM is still debating whether to make the app free, charge a one-time fee, or have a recurring fee for access to its BBM serivce.

If the move goes through, the BBM service would then be in direct...

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