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Amazon, Facebook join Tel Aviv's flourishing tech scene

Downtown Tel Aviv, where in 2013 technology seems

(Credit: AP, 2004)

Forget the newest, largest cellphone display or Apple's latest hire, this week's most significant tech news may be the office plans publicized by two of the world's largest technology firms.

On successive days both Amazon and Facebook announced they were planting flags in Tel Aviv. Facebook will operate an office through its $100 million purchase of mobile analytics firm Onava. Meanwhile,...

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Facebook game 'Puzzle Chasers'

'Puzzle Chasers' is a free-to-play jigsaw puzzle social

(Credit: Konami)

Since its launch nearly two months ago, Konami Digital Entertainment reports that its social media game "Puzzle Chasers" has steadily increased in monthly active users and continues to see substantial growth. The new IP, which was released in June, is already touting one million monthly active users (MAUs), according to Konami Digital Entertainment.  ...

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MTV launches 'Fantasy Election '12' app

MTV officially launched ?Fantasy Election ?12? on Aug.

(Credit: MTV)

It's that time of year again when websites all over the internet are pumping out depth charts and top 300 lists. Even MTV is joining in on the fantasy action, though their league leaders won't be rushing for 1,000 yards anytime soon.

As part of MTV's "Power of 12" campaign, the television network officially launched the first-of-its-kind "Fantasy Election '12," a desktop...

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Video games Marvel at San Diego Comic-Con

Ubisoft plans to offer a variety of experiences

(Credit: Ubisoft)

Comic book juggernaut Marvel reminded gamers that they will have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a superhero they can save the world with from the comfort of their own homes.

During a panel at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, much was discussed about creating succesful games based on their characters through compelling story-telling and true-to-character experiences.  


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Facebook rolls out revamped Timeline profile

Facebook Time Line

(Credit: Handout)

Facebook is rolling out the new Timeline layout that was announced in September. Timeline -- an endless stream of all you’ve ever posted, friendships you’ve made, photos you were tagged in and even links that you’ve liked -- will replace the iconic Facebook profile.

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg called the changes as constructing "the story of your life."

If you...

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Facebook adds video chat with Skype technology

Barb and Bruce Vasbinder visit with their granddaughter,

(Credit: MCT)

Video chat on Facebook is the “awesome” new product launch Mark Zuckerberg alluded to  earlier this week.

At a Facebook's news conference Wednesday, Zuckerberg and Neil Stevens of Skype officially announced that Facebook users will soon be able to experience seamless and free face-to-face video calling with Facebook buddies. Best of all, Skype video will be integrated directly...

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