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'Mass Effect 3' launches

"Mass Effect 3" launch trailer

(Credit: Handout)

War for Earth has begun, and gamers who've been gearing up for the climactic battle can finally answer the call to arms against the Reapers. "Mass Effect 3" has become one of the most anticipated releases of the calendar year.

Longtime fans will continue their journey based upon their choices made in previous games. New recruits won't feel left out either, as Bioware states that...

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'Mass Effect 3' multiplayer preview

Gameplay from the multiplayer mode of "Mass Effect

(Credit: EA)

Online team survival modes are really picking up as of late. Games like “Left 4 Dead” and “Call of Duty's” multiplayer modes saw me logging on the most time than any of the other game modes. I guess it's easier to play online against bots instead of other players simply  because you don't see yourself shouting "he's glitching" or "she's moding" with frustration at...

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