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Review: Rhythm Heaven Fever (Wii)

A screenshot of Rhythm Heaven Fever for the

(Credit: Handout)

I've kept a few neighbors awake at night shredding away on my plastic guitar, taking full advantage of just how far rhythm games have come. 

On the portable Nintendo DS, "Rhythm Heaven Fever" took me from toe-tapping to finger-tapping, keeping difficult beats in sync on a touchscreen. The gameplay was fitted for the device and added an addictive tempo to everyday...

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REVIEW: Fortune Street (WII)

Photo credit: Handout

(Credit: Handout)

A Japanese favorite came to the United States for the holiday season. No, it wasn't a large city-stomping reptile, although it might may very well be the Godzilla of Monopoly-styled games.

The game features a cast of characters from both Nintendo's "Mario" and Square Enix's "Dragon Quest." I personally am unfamiliar with Dragon Quest but they are by no means an obscure...

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SpongeBob SquigglePants, trademark humor in 3-D

SpongeBob SquigglePants box

(Credit: THQ)

In SpongeBob SquigglePants, players are tasked with completing challenges to be inducted into the SpongeBob SquarePants hall of fame. In the vein of WarioWare, players will tap, draw, tilt and shake their way through over 100 SpongeBob themed nanogames, microscopic activities that last for five seconds each. Each level consists of 20 rounds, during which players must complete challenges at ever-increasing...

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Nintendo 3DS brings 3-D to mobile gaming

Nintendo 3DS mobile gaming system

(Credit: Nintendo )

The tech gods have spoken and 3-D viewing is in. Nintendo has embraced the buzz and is the first to bring 3-D gaming technology to market. Now I’m a huge fan of 3-D movies in the theater, but when it comes to home viewing of 3-D technology, manufacturers have a long way to go. That said, Nintendo has done a great job enhancing the DS and bringing it into the three-dimensional realm.


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Collector auctions signed Nintendo DS for Japan relief effort

Courtesy of Game Informer

(Credit: Courtesy of Game Informer)

In an effort to contribute to the Japan relief effort, game enthusiast and collector Meaghan Marie, a Game Informer magazine writer, has put up one of her most prized possessions on eBay: a special collector’s edition Nintendo DS with signatures from some of Nintendo's greatest visionaries. Marie has pledged 100 percent of the revenue from the item to the American Red Cross so that the collector’s item, which has sat in a glass case for the last four years, can play its part in pulling Japan and its citizens up from the devastation caused by last week’s earthquake and tsunami.

The auction can be found here, and is currently closing in on $2,500. Marie explains in an update to her original post on, that she never expected the price to raise so high. It's clear through her writing that she is ecstatic to have seen such a huge demand for both the device and the desire to contribute to the Japan relief effort in a unique way.

The Nintendo DS is a bright red original model covered with scribbled names like that of Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and others, and Koji Kondo, the famous composer of the Mario and Zelda soundtracks, as well as other famous Nintendo-affiliated notables. “I was asked to present awards during the annual Game Audio Network Guild ceremony, and as such was introduced to all the individuals listed below. I happened to have my Nintendo DS handy and asked each to sign it,” Marie explains in her GI post.

So if you’re in the mood to make an extra generous donation to the Japan relief effort, check out Marie’s auction. But even if it's a little out of your price range or if the item isn’t something that exactly matches your collecting habits, it’s an astounding story of someone sacrificing a beloved material possession for a greater cause.

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