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Review: 'NHL 13' packs simulation but misses the 'Hitz'

NHL 13' is available now on Xbox 360

(Credit: EA Sports)

EA Sports and their NHL franchise has be long praised as one of THE best sports games available ever since puck heads like myself were introduced to the 'Skill Stick'.  Yet each year somehow, the series has just kept getting better.  Now with Madden pulling their own wild cat offense and shaking their series up for the better does NHL 13 once again raise the bar?  

Don't expect...

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Combat 'Resident Evil', vote for Adam Benford

Warp Pipe received a campaign kit from 'Resident

(Credit: Daryl Thomen)

War, economics, terrorism and zombies...

While President Barack Obama and Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney continue to make headlines this election year, one man is stepping up to remind the American people that there is hope left for our nation's safety and security.  That man is Adam Benford.

In a press kit sent to us at Warp Pipe, President Benford in a written address...

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'Rock Band Blitz' tackles your DLC library

'Rock Band Blitz' is a rhythm game in

(Credit: Harmonix)

I love you Harmonix.  There I said it.

I love that you continue to keep the Rock Band product alive when most of the gaming world has put away their plastic instruments and shut the door on what use to be a must have at any house party.  Karaoke and rhythm-based button-pressing fun is still alive and kicking thanks to the developers' weekly support of downloadable song additions...

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Review: 'Spec-Ops: The Line'

"Spec-Ops: The Line" was released in North America

(Credit: 2K Games)

If you’re looking for another military shooter to hold you over, you might be in for a bit of a surprise. On the surface, "Spec Ops" seems like just another action-packed terrorist hunt in the desert, but there’s more to see and play here than you might expect.

In "Spec Ops: The Line", players take on the role of Captain Martin Walker, the leader of an elite delta squad...

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Transformers return for cybernetic warfare

"Transformers: Fall of Cybertron" releases Tuesday in North

(Credit: Activision)

Filmmaker Michael Bay, of the "Transformers" series fame, could learn a thing or two about the robots in disguise from developer High Moon Studios. After its highly praised "Transformers: War for Cybertron," the studio will release a sequel on Tuesday for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft WIndows.

"Transformers: Fall of Cybertron" is a call to arms...

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Review: The Amazing Spider-Man Video Game

The Amazing Spider-Man Video Game is available now

(Credit: Handout)

Other comic book heroes have taken over this year, but a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was the new kid on the block, after a reboot by Marvel Entertainment and Laura Ziskin Productions.

With a fresh start to the series, Activision and video game developer Beenox cast their web at the 2011 New York Comic-Con and captured an audience to promise a more grounded, more realistic approach, giving...

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Kidsday previews Sega's London 2012

London 2012: The Official Video Game is available

(Credit: Sega of America)

Mario and Sonic had their Olympic fun but now it's time to see what your inner world-class athlete can really do with Sega's London 2012: The Official Video Game.

There are 46 events spanning from the 3m springboard diving to weightlifting and there is no better way to experience them all than with Kinect for the Xbox 360. And for the first time in an Olympic Games video game, London...

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PlayStation All-Stars get ready to rumble

Video game characters crossover fist first in PlayStation

(Credit: Sony)

 Don't call them a clone because this crossover fighting game is not that. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale may draw similarities with its concept to others; however, there is much more to it than its growing cast of some of video gaming's familiar faces.

God of War's Spartan antihero Kratos is no stranger to jumping double-chained blades first into a fight after a successful appearance...

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Review: Syndicate

Syndicate is EA's cyberpunk shooter, where you are

(Credit: EA)

In a market dominated by first-person shooting giants like Halo, Medal of Honor, and Call of Duty, it's hard for a new boy to edge his way into recognition without some kind of gimmick. Many have tried, but none have topped the perennial heavyweights — do you remember “Bulletstorm?” No?


That leads us to Syndicate, a new FPS that is actually a reboot of a 1993 strategy/shooter...

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'Mass Effect 3' launches

"Mass Effect 3" launch trailer

(Credit: Handout)

War for Earth has begun, and gamers who've been gearing up for the climactic battle can finally answer the call to arms against the Reapers. "Mass Effect 3" has become one of the most anticipated releases of the calendar year.

Longtime fans will continue their journey based upon their choices made in previous games. New recruits won't feel left out either, as Bioware states that...

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