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Assassin's Creed 3 re-starts a revolution

Play as Ratonhnhake:ton, also known as Connor Kenway

(Credit: Ubisoft)

Thanks to comic books, movies and cartoons, many look to their heroes as those associated with men and women in skintight outfits. Before there was The Avengers, even before there was the United States of America we call our country, there were our founding fathers--the real-life patriots such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin that helped bring forth one nation divided from tyranny. One...

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Preview: Rocksmith bass expansion

Cover art for Rocksmith by publisher Ubisoft.

(Credit: Ubisoft)

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Off The Couch: Kung Fu High Impact

Stephanie Woodburn, age 11, puts her karate skills

(Credit: Daryl Thomen)

Kidsday reporter Stephanie Woodburn of Holbrook is Off The Couch, playing her own martial arts comic book video game, Kung Fu High Impact on Kinect for Xbox 360.

Check out the video to see this must-own Kinect game....

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Batman soars in Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City Genre: Action Platforms: PS3, Xbox

(Credit: AP)

Standing on the rooftop of a building in Arkham City’s industrial district, I listen to the sounds of henchmen as they patrol the snowy streets below. Over my comm unit, the guards complain about the chill in the air and bicker back and forth. Choosing my target, I swoop down and plant two boots firmly into one of the thug’s backs, sending him crashing to the floor. In a flurry of acrobatic kicks...

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Video games Marvel at San Diego Comic-Con

Ubisoft plans to offer a variety of experiences

(Credit: Ubisoft)

Comic book juggernaut Marvel reminded gamers that they will have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a superhero they can save the world with from the comfort of their own homes.

During a panel at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, much was discussed about creating succesful games based on their characters through compelling story-telling and true-to-character experiences.  


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Kidsday previews FIFA 13

Pull off dynamic headers like French International footballer

(Credit: EA Sports)

Whether you call it football or soccer, many can agree that no one brings you closer to the action like EA Sports' FIFA videogame franchise. On-field ability and performance has once again been improved, while EA's "Complete-Dribbling" borrows partly from FIFA Street, adding creativity with the ball while facing opponents.

FIFA 13 hits all major consoles, PC and mobile devices Sept....

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The Expendables 2 videogame announced

Four Expendables (Barney, Gunner, Caesar and Yin Yang)

(Credit: Ubisoft)

Digital downloads have offered gamers a chance to pull off killer combos with Freddy Krueger, slay zombies with Sarah Michelle Gellar and now, thanks to Ubisoft and its upcoming title "The Expendables 2 Videogame," some of the biggest action stars in cinema history are entering the mix.

Choose between Sylvester Stallone as Barney Ross accompanied by a few familiar faces from the...

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Review: Syndicate

Syndicate is EA's cyberpunk shooter, where you are

(Credit: EA)

In a market dominated by first-person shooting giants like Halo, Medal of Honor, and Call of Duty, it's hard for a new boy to edge his way into recognition without some kind of gimmick. Many have tried, but none have topped the perennial heavyweights — do you remember “Bulletstorm?” No?


That leads us to Syndicate, a new FPS that is actually a reboot of a 1993 strategy/shooter...

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Under $20 Gaming - "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II"

Galen Marek returns as 'Starkiller' in Lucasarts' 'The

(Credit: Lucasarts)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is one of those games that I really want to love. It has lightsabers, fun Force powers, and a direct conflict with Darth freakin’ Vader. If it had a pod racing minigame, I might have been completely sold regardless of the other gameplay’s quality.

The sequel once again follows Starkiller (real name: Galen Marek), Vader’s secret apprentice. Developer LucasArts...

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'Babel Rising' let's you play as a God

Babel RisingTM

(Credit: Ubisoft)


What? Do you really need more of a reason to pick up this game? Exclusive for use with the PlayStation®Move and Kinect™ for Xbox 360, players obtain godlike powers and "make it rain on them" Babylonians with a barrage of elements to bombard them with.

'Babel Rising' has the same effect as burning ants with a magnifying glass, except hurling fireballs and releasing tornadoes...

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