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Pack smart for New York Comic-Con

A backpack full of essentials for a day's

(Credit: Daryl Thomen)

Whether it is your first convention or you a yearly veteran, it pays to be prepared when going to the New York Comic-Con. Proper planning can make things easier so that the only thing you'll have to worry about is witnessing an unpleasant cosplay wardrobe malfunction from some not-so-super men.

Here is some of the items worth tossing into your New York Comic-Con bag:

Bottled Water -...

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Big Buck HD preview in Manhattan

Big Buck is releasing the first-ever, high-definition arcade

(Credit: Vincent Balestriere)

Big Buck is releasing the first-ever, high-definition arcade game, "Big Buck HD," and Warp Pipe had a chance to fire off a few rounds in New York City for a preview.  It didn't hurt to receive advice from some of the fifth annual Big Buck World Championships contenders either.  

Check out this video from the event and let us know if you're itching to use your trigger fingers...

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