NAME HuMn wallets

WHAT IT IS Wallets that shield your identity and/or credit cards from anyone trying to skim the RFID (radio-frequency identification) information embedded within them.

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COST $76

WHAT'S HOT There are many reasons to love HuMn wallets. Not only are they sleek, stylish, lightweight and ultra-slim, they protect you from electronic identity theft and are made from recyclable materials that even a vegan can love -- no leather is used. Originally a Kickstarter venture, HuMn wallets consist of two anodized aluminum or carbon-fiber plates that are secured by an elastic "shock" strap. Using cutouts at the top of the plates, it pulls apart in a V-shape, keeping the bottom sealed so your contents can't fall out. You also can use the strap to secure non-RFID items on the outside of either plate, such as cash or business cards. Buyers can choose from two styles: The HuMn 2, which can have up to three plates ($114) or the HuMn Mini, which is about the size of a credit card. With either, you can customize your wallet from a diverse palette of plate and strap colors. (Back and front plates can be different colors.) Manufactured in the United States, both models come with a black microfiber pouch. HuMn 2 holds up to eight cards between its plates (12 cards with three plates), and HuMn Mini up to six cards.

WHAT'S NOT With its luxe price tag, this cash/credit/information holder is not for everyone's, well, wallet. And, because the strap holds the plates together tightly, it's not for anyone who has strength issues with their hands or fingers.