The Department of Transportation intends to end the Cash for Clunkers program Monday. Here's a look at the $3 billion car incentive program.

$1.9 billion. The amount spent on the program as of early Thursday.

450,000.The number of transactions submitted by dealers as of early Thursday.

150,000. The number of applications reviewed by the department.

$140 million. The amount the department has approved in payments to dealers.

1,100. The number of public and private sector employees reviewing transactions by Friday.

What you need to know

Government officials said "based on conservative estimates of valid deals transacted under the program," the clunkers program will be able to accept new submissions until the Monday deadline.

After the program ends, the department will not allow dealers to submit additional applications.

Dealers are advised by the government not to agree to any more sales under the program in the coming days unless the dealer has received all the necessary paperwork from the consumer.

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The department said dealers were "strongly advised" not to submit applications with incomplete information. Any submitted applications with significant missing or incomplete information will risk rejection.

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