BRIDGEPORT - An elderly woman is recovering in the hospital this evening after being rescued by a Cablevision salesman.

Kevin Cerulo, a salesman for Cablevision, says he thought he would just be making a typical sales call when he arrived at the woman's home. When the 84-year-old woman answered the door, Cerulo saw there was nearly 3 inches of water in her home.

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He says her first words were, "Please help me." Her pipes had burst after a recent cold snap and the home was without heat. The woman told Cerulo she was without heat for five or six days.

Cerulo says she seemed to be disoriented, so he went into the home and found a shut-off valve under the sink to stop the water from flowing. He then covered her in blankets and called 911.

Cerulo says the woman was conscious in the hospital when he last visited.

Cablevision is the parent company of News 12.