Best-selling cars of all time

Every year since the first modern automobiles were produced in the late 19th century, car manufacturers have rolled out new body designs and internal technologies. Most fall out of favor nearly as quickly as they were conceived.

But some car manufacturers hit on so timeless a design, strike so critical a trend in consumer preference, build a sales network so fast, or manage to evolve so deftly with a vehicle model that it remains popular with consumers for years. These models become all-time best sellers.

In early 2012, business news site 24/7 Wall St. culled resources from industry analysts and compiled a list of the world's 10 best-selling cars of all-time. Newsday has reproduced that top-10 list and supplemented it with 11 more cars that have reached the 10 million-sold mark, according to press releases from their makers. These additions appear in alphabetical order after's formal list.

Newsday also added the number of models sold in the U.S. in 2012 through October from industry data compiled by

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