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In the Garage: 2010 Dodge Challenger

The 2010 Dodge Challenger ?Mr. Norm GSS? edition

The 2010 Dodge Challenger “Mr. Norm GSS” edition is owned by Jimmy Psomias. (Credit: Handout)

2010 Dodge Challenger “Mr. Norm GSS” edition owned by Jimmy Psomias

With auto critics and enthusiasts now proclaiming a second golden age of muscle cars, owners of these newer vehicles are wondering just how many will become collectibles in the future. A prime candidate might be Psomias’ bright purple Challenger, of which only 400 were built in Chrysler’s Canadian factory, with just 287 coming into the U.S.

His is a 40th anniversary edition, commemorating the introduction of the original Challenger in 1970. It also bears Chrysler’s top performance designation -- SRT8 – which, in this case, means the car has a rumbling 425-horsepower “Hemi” V-8 under the hood and other modifications not found on lesser models. Then, there’s the ultra-rare, special-ordered “Furious Fuchsia” paint created by Dodge to update the wild “Plum Crazy” color available on early Challengers. And, finally, Psomias’ coupe received its “GSS” badge after it was massaged by an Illinois tuner and modifier known as Mr. Norm.

Since 2010

Psomias says he was told about the 40th anniversary car and its rare color in January 2010 by a friend who works at Chrysler headquarters. “I went to seven dealerships,” he says. “I gave them the (paint) code number and they didn’t believe me.” The last dealer found out about the code and told him that the window for ordering the color was only open during March of that year.

“My car looks better than the showroom cars,” Psomias says. “It’s a very, very clean car, in and out. It has never seen rain or snow.” He says his Challenger features “Pearl White” leather SRT performance seats with a “Furious Fuchsia” accent stripe, 20-inch SRT wheels, chromed engine accent pieces and “retro-inspired chromed quad exhaust tips.” Among the items added by Mr. Norm were a serial-numbered dash plaque with certificate of authenticity, a GSS fender emblem, a windshield banner, an anniversary license plate and a ‘70’s-style Hurst pistol-grip shift handle.

“It’s nice to keep the car in the garage and see it,” he advises, “but life is too short and you have to take the car out more to drive it. Let the other people see your beautiful car on the road so they can appreciate your car’s history. But don’t park it anywhere. Take care of your car like it’s your baby.”

“I cannot say what it’s worth,” he says, “but I can say it is worth it to keep it and pass it on to my kids and, one day, on to my grandkids.” The NADA Guides places a “clean retail” value of $30,775 on a standard SRT8, excluding the 40th anniversary designation, rare paint color and Mr. Norm modifications.

“I love the color,” Psomias says. “It sounds good and it drives good. It’s a fast car. Everywhere I go, people look at it.” 

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