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Google Android teams with GM, Audi, Honda, Hyundai on car platform

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, left, and co-founders Larry

(Credit: Google)

Google is partnering with General Motors, Honda, Hyundai and Audi to bring the Android platform to cars’ infotainment and technology systems by the end of 2014, the tech giant announced Monday in a news release.

The partnership, which also includes chipmaker Nvidia, is called the Open Automotive Alliance and promises an open, customizable platform that will drive innovation in car technology.


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Ford's Focus ST is late to the party; does it still have a chance?

2013 Focus ST

(Credit: AP)

The long-anticipated 2013 Focus ST will be available to enthusiasts later this year, after a nearly 12 month delay. The ST, a performance-oriented version of the third generation Ford Focus is turbocharged unlike most models in the  Focus line.

That in itself doesn't make the ST unique or groundbreaking -- it's a small, sporty front-wheel-drive hatchback with forced induction. Sound familiar?


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