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Jeep dealership on Long Island illustrates corporate pressures

A red Jeep Grand Cherokee causes controversy at

(Credit: Chrysler Group LLC)

For all the automobile knowledge car enthusiasts possess – from engine types, to design elements and interior luxuries – there’s one aspect of a vehicle’s life that remains mysterious to most: how they get sold.

But a report last week by National Public Radio’s '‘This American Life’' program sheds new light on the sales process by shadowing a Long Island Jeep dealership, and each of its salespeople,...

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Prepare to hear about diesel at the New York Auto Show

The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with an

(Credit: Nancy Borowick)

If you’re heading to the New York Auto Show this week, you might be surprised by how far the word “diesel” has traveled around the exhibits. Once reserved almost exclusively for the pickup truck show areas, diesel is now being touted enthusiastically at displays of automakers – including Volkswagen, Mazda and BMW – known more for their smaller, sleek vehicles. And it’s not just the foreign brands:...

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In the Garage: 1948 Navy Jeep

Paul Dooling bought this 1948 Navy Jeep in

(Credit: Handout)

THE CAR AND ITS OWNER 1948 Navy Jeep owned by Paul Dooling

WHAT MAKES IT INTERESTING When the first prototype of the Jeep (slang for the military’s “general purpose vehicle,” or “GP”) rolled out of the factory more than 72 years ago, it would be the beginning of a remarkable story. More than a million of the lightweight, rough-terrain vehicles would be produced during World War II alone. They...

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