Thanksgiving travelers will find gasoline plentiful again, but considerably more expensive than last year in the Long Island and New York City region.

Regular gasoline averaged slightly more than $4 a gallon Tuesday morning in Nassau and Suffolk, the AAA said, 34.4 cents higher than a year earlier.

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Odd-even gasoline rationing ended on Long Island last weekend as supply shortages from superstorm Sandy abated; rationing continues in New York City through Friday.

In addition to long lines at gasoline stations, Sandy brought a surge in prices; the Long Island average for regular jumped 27.7 cents from Oct. 29, the day Sandy hit, and hit a peak of $4.168 on Nov. 11.

While prices subsequently dropped, they stopped falling this week as crude and gasoline futures rose on worries of possible supply interruptions from violence between Israel and the Islamist Hamas movement.

The weak economy and ample gasoline inventories are likely to keep prices generally stable through the holiday season, said Addison Armstrong, director of market research at Tradition Energy in Stamford, Conn. "We're probably not looking at prices going too much higher between now and the end of year," he said.

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The AAA said travelers heading out of the region for the weekend will find regular gasoline averaging $3.784 a gallon in Albany, $3.557 in Lancaster County, Pa., $3.794 in Hartford, Conn., and $3.603 in Bergen and Passaic counties in New Jersey.