Drivers of General Motors Co. cars made after 2009 can’t sue over faulty ignition switches because the company hasn’t made any of the defective parts since the U.S. government took it out of bankruptcy, a lawyer for GM said.

The lawyer, Arthur Steinberg, cited GM’s recall of 2010 Chevy Cobalts, saying the automaker called in the cars because some had been repaired with the old, defective switches.

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Steinberg was responding to an attorney for a customer who seeks to proceed with a lawsuit while 87 others are halted, saying that his claim wasn’t related to the 2009 bankruptcy handled by the judge.

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Robert Gerber told the customer to hold off from suing, affirming rulings he previously issued barring suits over car prices. Gerber has begun considering whether those rulings will stand as he hears arguments by customer lawyers and GM.

The suits relate to GM’s initial recall of 2.59 million vehicles with defective switches