Mercedes-Benz says it's having a good year, sales wise, despite the weak economy and it showed off a few new vehicles intended to keep the momentum going. Among them is a redesigned R-Class SUV, to go on sale in July as a 2011 model, and the E350 4Matic wagon, due out this fall.

Their prices weren't announced, but Mercedes-Benz did announce the sticker for the the SLS AMG sports car going on sale in May: $183,000.

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Also due is a racing/street version of the SLS, the 2011 SLS GT3, with gull wing doors. Its price wasn't announced but executives said its V-8 would deliver 0-60 mph acceleration in 3.5 seconds.

"We're having a great start to the year," said president and chief executive Ernst Lieb.

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