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Volkwagen Bulli concept makes it to NY Auto Show

Volkswagen Bulli Concept

Volkswagen Bulli Concept (Credit: Jose Moreno)

And this year’s “gotta get that concept into production” award at the NY Auto Show goes to the Volkswagen Bulli. First introduced last month at the Geneva Auto Show, the Bulli has the potential to be practical for either the family on the go, adventurers with loads of equipment, or road trip enthusiasts.

Inside, VW’s retro-styled concept car has front-row three-person seating, a glass roof, rear seats that can fold flat to make a bed, and iPad integration. Although it’s hard to tell from the images, the Bulli van is actually pretty compact. At only 157 inches long, it is smaller than a Honda Odyssey (202.9 inches), Toyota Rav4 (181 inches), Mini Countryman (161 inches), and even the Scion xB (167.3 inches).

The concept calls for an electric motor with a 186-mile range – impressive, considering most EVs on the market today or in the near future have limits of 100 miles. But if the electric powertrain is holding up the mass production of the Bulli, VW should consider using a 1.4 liter version of their new clean diesel engines.

In 2001, the German automaker teased Mircobus enthusiasts with this concept that never came to fruition. Let’s hope VW has wised-up.

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