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In the Garage: 1957 Ford Thunderbird

The 1957 Ford Thunderbird owned by Joseph P.

(Credit: Handout)

THE CAR AND ITS OWNERS  1957 Ford Thunderbird owned by Joseph P. and Arlene Nolan

WHAT MAKES IT INTERESTING When the two-seat Thunderbird debuted in 1955, it outsold its direct competitor – the Chevrolet Corvette – by a ratio of 23 to 1 and continued to be a hit right through the ’57 model year. Yet while Chevrolet stuck with its dual-passenger sports car and turned it into a top-selling...

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Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum exhibits must-see cars for enthusiasts

The Vanderbilt mansion is seen from the bell

(Credit: Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum)

Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum: Among its many attractions, this museum houses two important classic cars. One is a 1909 Reo Gentleman’s Roadster donated in 1959 and restored several years ago. It sits in the museum’s Turntable Gallery next to William K. Vanderbilt II’s original 1928 Lincoln touring car and surrounded by photos and memorabilia from Long Island’s historic Vanderbilt Cup auto races...

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In the Garage: 2007 Harley-Davidson FXSTC

The 2007 Harley-Davidson FXSTC Softail Custom ?trike? owned

(Credit: Handout)

THE TRIKE AND ITS OWNER 2007 Harley-Davidson FXSTC Softail Custom “trike” owned by Paul Shotter

WHAT MAKES IT INTERESTING It was a motorcyclist who said, “Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.” But for those who want the excitement of a chopper with greater stability and cargo space, the answer may be something in between: a three-wheeled “trike.” These unusual vehicles come...

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Long Island auto racing history chronicled at Marty Himes' Bay Shore museum

A photo from The Himes Museum of Motor

(Credit: The Himes Museum of Motor Racing Nostalgia)

ROAD TRIP The Himes Museum of Motor Racing Nostalgia, a creation of veteran Long Island auto racer Marty Himes, features five original stock cars, a number of midget racing cars, one early sprint car and close to 1,000 model race cars, as well as more than 300,000 racing-related photographs, and uniforms, helmets, trophies and other racing memorabilia; open daily, call first for appointment, admission...

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In the Garage: 1971 Volkswagen Super Beetle

The 1971 Volkswagen Super Beetle owned by Ryan

(Credit: Handout)

THE CAR AND ITS OWNER 1971 Volkswagen Super Beetle owned by Ryan McGuire

WHAT MAKES IT INTERESTING Since they went on sale after World War II, the iconic and lovable Volkswagen Beetles have been customized into everything from Rolls-Royce look-alikes to mice on wheels by quirky and creative owners. Artist and designer McGuire weighs in with his “dinocar,” a bright green Super Beetle sporting...

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Google Android teams with GM, Audi, Honda, Hyundai on car platform

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, left, and co-founders Larry

(Credit: Google)

Google is partnering with General Motors, Honda, Hyundai and Audi to bring the Android platform to cars’ infotainment and technology systems by the end of 2014, the tech giant announced Monday in a news release.

The partnership, which also includes chipmaker Nvidia, is called the Open Automotive Alliance and promises an open, customizable platform that will drive innovation in car technology.


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In the Garage: 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air

The 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible owned by

(Credit: Handout)

THE CAR AND ITS OWNER 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible owned by Ron Wozny

WHAT MAKES IT INTERESTING Wozny’s striking Bel Air would be enticing enough to collectors since it is one of the fabled “Tri-Five” (1955-56-57) Chevys. But his ride also contains an optional, numbers-matching “RPO 411” engine, a 265-cubic-inch V-8 with dual four-barrel carburetors that, according to Wozny, puts out...

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Classic Rolls-Royce, Bentley cars displayed at Foundation Museum

A 1948 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith owned by

(Credit: Adam Fusfeld)


Rolls-Royce Foundation Museum: Rolls-Royce and Bentley models -- from a 1929 American-built Springfield Phantom I to a 1962 Silver Cloud II -- are on display at this home to the Rolls Royce-Owners Club. There’s also an extensive library with books, technical manuals, handbooks, sales literature and periodicals, as well as specific information on individual Rolls-Royce chassis. The...

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Saratoga Automobile Museum worth a trip for Charles Lindbergh car

Roderick Wilde, of Wilde EVolutions, Inc., drives his

(Credit: AP)

ROAD TRIP Saratoga Automobile Museum currently featuring a collection of 14 vehicles that have been American favorites, from a 1929 Ford hot rod to a 1992 Chevrolet S-10 pickup; an exhibit on auto racing in New York State (including Long Island’s Vanderbilt Cup), with a number of race cars on display; a collection of classic cars manufactured in New York, including Charles Lindbergh’s 1928 Franklin;...

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In the Garage: 1940 Mercury Club Coupe

A 1940 Mercury Club Coupe owned by Joseph

(Credit: Handout)

THE CAR AND ITS OWNER 1940 Mercury Club Coupe owned by Joseph Papalia

WHAT MAKES IT INTERESTING As Americans began to emerge from the Great Depression in the late 1930s, they had more money to spend and there were new cars to buy. There was also a gap in the Ford product line between the basic models and the near-luxury Lincoln-Zephyr, which the company filled with the new Mercury in the 1939...

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