Suzuki, a brand known more for its motorcycles than its cars, has unveiled its latest model to its showroom floors, the Kizashi (pronounced "Kee-Zah-Shee").

What's a bit different from this debut is that Suzuki is confident in its sport sedan, that it is willing to pay $100 to car buyers who car who test drive the Kizashi first, but decide on purchashing an Audi A4 or Acura TSX instead.

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Suzuki says to become eligible, consumers must first test drive a 2010 Kizashi from a Suzuki retailer and complete the "Kizashi Test Drive Challenge" registration form. Buyers who decide to purchase either a 2010 Audi A4 2.0T or 2010 Acura TSX (four-cylinder model) within 10 days of their comparison test drive of the all-new Kizashi will receive a $100 check or stored value debit card.

Suzuki is positioning themselves directly into the line of fire of the likes of Audi and Acura, which is a bit weird considering a potential Audi or Acura buyer probably wouldn't even know Suzuki made cars.

But consider this -- a stripped-down base edition of the TSX costs nearly $30,000. A base A4 costs over $31,000. The Kizashi? It starts below $19,000 for the base model, but also has an AWD edition available.

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