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Gift-giving app helps with Valentine's Day gifts

UrGiftin is a free app available for download

UrGiftin is a free app available for download where users can share their gift wish-lists with their friends. (Credit: Handout)

As Valentine's Day creeps around the corner, gift-giving beyond the expected flowers, teddy bears and chocolates can be a little challenging. UrGiftin, a free app, is here to help with the process.

The app shows products a user desires and allows the gift-giver to purchase the products right from the app, helping to chip away at the gift-guesswork. It comes in handy for other gifting holidays, too. 

Multiple wish-lists can be created and are updated constantly. If a gift on a wish-list has been purchased, it'll appear as "taken" for others to view -- preventing the gift-receiver from getting the same gifts. If the user has an Amazon Wish List, it could also be synchronized with UrGiftin

"We have partnered with Amazon because it is the best known and most well-used wish list service in the U.S.,” said Vicky Ricaurte, CEO and Founder of UrGiftin.

For the pricier products, a "group giving" option allows multiple friends to chip in on the gift. Facebook friends can be brought into this as well.

To download the app, click here