You may be wondering... so what are the rules for renting or sharing a house in the Hamptons?

Every community in the Hamptons has its own book of codes, searchable online via the town or village site (East Hampton: ; Southampton: ; Sag Harbor: ) or the E-Code Library ( ).

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Basic codes dictate the following:

-No more than four or five unrelated adults in one house

-Cars parked in a driveway overnight should not exceed the house's legal number of bedrooms, plus one (or in East Hampton, four cars total)


-Noise restrictions after 11 p.m. (between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. in Southampton; noise restrictions throughout the day in East Hampton)

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Fines vary for offenses depending on the town and number of citations. Anyone in violation of a code may be fined. The minimum fine in East Hampton, for example, is $500.

Hamptons veterans note that it's all about respecting your neighbors. As long as sharers limit the number of cars parked in the driveway, keep the property in good repair and don't have loud house parties, there generally won't be a problem.

To complain about possible housing or noise violations, call the town's code enforcement officers (East Hampton: 631-324-3858; Southampton: 631-728-1088) or the town or village police. (East Hampton: 631-537-7575; Southampton: 631-728-3400; Sag Harbor: 631-725-0247).