Here's what Ian and Ben Rubin say they do at home with their parents, Andrew and Elise, to protect the environment (and not just on Earth Day):

1. To control weeds, lay wet newspaper on beds, then cover with mulch.

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2. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs to conserve electricity; incandescent bulbs can represent up to 20 percent of a home energy bill.

3. Chip fallen branches and use as mulch on garden beds.

4. Walk or ride bikes for local errands.

5. Recycle paper, glass and aluminum.

6. Spray white vinegar as a weed killer between patio blocks.

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7. Use a push lawn mower to reduce fossil fuel dependency.

8. Set lawn mower blades to trim grass at 3 inches.

9. Turn off lights when not in a room.

10. Walk to the school bus stop each morning.

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Photo by John Dunn