One Huntington cottage for rent comes with an added perk — freshly brewed coffee a few steps from the front door.

The 600-square-foot, one-bedroom, one-bath home is on the grounds of Kerber’s Farm, which sells pastries, eggs, vegetables and honey, some of it produced at the two-acre West Pulaski Road farm.

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The $2,500-a-month rent includes a fully furnished mid-1940s cottage that owner Nick Voulgaris III renovated a year ago. The hardwood floors are new, as is the kitchen with its marble countertops and new appliances and bathroom with its subway tile and rain shower, according to the online advertisement.

A vintage library ladder leads to a loft with twin beds, the listing goes on.

“I love design and collecting furniture,” says Voulgaris. “I want to make it look a certain way.”

Those who want to explore the grounds can stop in at one of two upcoming open houses: from 3 to 5 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 21, and Tuesday, Jan. 26. Kerber’s is at 309 W. Pulaski Rd., and Voulgaris is handling the rental directly: 516-982-8710.

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The cottage is one of seven buildings on the property, including chicken coops, Voulgaris says. “There is a rooster, but I don’t think you’d hear it,” he says. The vegetable gardens are ripe for strolling in the warmer months, and tenants can even commune with the beehives to see how the farm harvests honey, he says. Don’t worry, though, the bees are on the perimeter of the property, he adds.

Tenants have to pay for their own utilities — and like the coffee, unfortunately, Kerber’s famous biscuit sandwiches.