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63875 Rte. 48, GreenportThis 11-room home -- called
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63875 Rte. 48, Greenport

This 11-room home -- called The Garden House -- sits on a 2.71-acre lot with brick walkways, numerous gardens and a detached three-car garage with a loft. It's listed for $2.5 million in January 2014 by Valerie Goode of Colony Realty.(Credit: Randee Daddona)

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Long Island homes with great rooms that live up to the name

Loosely defined, a great room combines two or more spaces in a house. These days, it's not uncommon to see a newer home where the kitchen is open to the family room and often the dining area, too.

This week's look at Long Island homes with a notable feature focuses on great rooms. If you want to sell or rent a unique, historic or famous home, or one with a special feature, call Lisa Doll Bruno. Phone: 631-843-2793, fax: 631-843-5459, email: lisa.doll-bruno@newsday.com.

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