The former Sands Point home of Marv Albert, TNT’s lead play-by-play NBA announcer, is on the market for $3 million.

The 2.07-acre 7, 500-square-foot home built by Albert in 1969 has seven bedrooms, (including a maid's room), five and one-half bathrooms, indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools, and a gym with a sauna and tennis and badminton courts.

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Other amenities include a deeded easement to a private beach on the Long Island Sound. It is within walking distance of the Sands Point Preserve and the Village of Sands Point Country Club.

And guess who lives next door? Carlos Beltran, centerfielder for the New York Mets, according to public records. Beltran, who is currently on the mend from knee surgery, is scheduled to return to the Mets lineup in April or May.

The current owners, William Davis and Adele Fuchsberg, purchased the home in 2008 for $2.6 million. They had been asking $4 million. They have renovated the interior of the double-Dutch-barn home with high-end materials and custom designed finishing touches.

The couple, who are handling the sale on their own (212-688-3200, ext. 414 or 917-690-0940), say they are contemplating returning to Manhattan.


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Permission William Davis and Adele Fuchsberg