You may not have been able to afford the $850,000 price tag for the so-called “Amityville Horror” house — but how about $59.97, which you can pay in three installments of $19.99?

As part of the first shipment of its America’s Most Haunted Collection, the Illinois-based Bradford Exchange is selling an illuminated miniature replica of the legendary Long Island house, which recently found a buyer. It is called “Amityville,” and appears in advertisements with a newspaper article about the 1974 DeFeo murders at the house.

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The Ocean Avenue home that later became the subject of movies and books is 5,000 square feet. This version measures 4-1/2 inches wide, 6-1/2 inches long and 5-1/4 inches tall, says Steve Contreras, director of marketing for Hawthorne Village, the Bradford division that designed and produced the sculpture.

And while the Dutch Colonial has five bedrooms, 3-1⁄2 bathrooms and 1927 period details, the hand-painted resin reproduction, says Contreras, is empty inside.

There was “artistic license” taken in designing the sculpture, says Contreras. An exclusive tour of the house given this year to Newsday revealed pristine and well-maintained exteriors and interiors. The Hawthorne version is re-imagined to look “as if you are there on a spooky night,” Contreras says. For instance, there are quarter-round windows, made famous by the movie and which have since been replaced on the real house. The model, which plugs into a wall outlet, comes with two lights “to give it an eerie glow,” he adds.

Hawthorne, known for its collectibles such as Christmas products in the Thomas Kinkade line, developed the America’s Most Haunted collection after seeing “a huge passion base” in the paranormal, Contreras says. The second sculpture in the line is of the Franklin Castle, said to be Ohio’s most haunted house.

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Jerry O’Neill, who is listing the Amityville property on behalf of Coldwell Banker Harbor Light, declined to comment.

The house recently went into contract.