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Hamptons real estate 'horror' featured in new book

Rude, quirky, eccentric and over the top behavior

Rude, quirky, eccentric and over the top behavior isn't limited to reality TV as revealed in the book "The Hamptons Real Estate Horror Show" by Anonymous Times Two. (Credit: Handout)

Looking for a beach read full of rude, quirky, eccentric and over-the-top behavior? Pick up, or download, a copy of “The Hamptons Real Estate Horror Show” (, $21.95), a self-published book by Anonymous Times Two.

The nom de plume is for two unidentified real estate agents, still in the business, who say they’ve compiled true stories of the characters they’ve encountered during many years of working the East End’s real estate scene.

The antics and outrageous demands of tenants, landlords, home buyers and sellers alike are sometimes funny. But sometimes they are downright unbelievable, such as the tale of a tenant telling the real estate agent to “eliminate” the birds around the property because their chirping woke his wife at 5:30 in the morning. There’s also the story about attorneys for a seller and buyer getting into a fistfight and drawing blood at a closing. The issue was whether a chandelier would stay with the house.

Sounds like the makings of a TV reality show.

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