Actor Alec Baldwin tells Hamptons magazine that he most likes the East End for its “small town” appeal.

"People think it’s this playground of drug-addled, fornicating show-business people and rich people, and that it’s all kind of silly," the actor says in an interview for the magazine's holiday issue. "I don’t think it’s that at all. I think it’s a community of people who are working really hard to preserve the texture of the lifestyle out there and to keep it semi-rural. And that costs a lot of money. Buying and preserving that land has cost people fortunes, repeatedly and yet they’ve done it. The people who come and go in the summer, no matter how much money they spend, consider it their town. The town is also about people who live out here year-round, but the small town aspect of it can be trying because everybody’s on top of each other."

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In 2007, the actor founded East Hampton Conservators, a political action committee with a mission to control development and environmental protection of the town.

Baldwin, 51, stars in NBC’s hit “30 Rock” and has won two Emmys portraying Jack Donaghy, a Republican capitalist studio head. This month, he plays opposite Meryl Streep in the romantic comedy “It’s Complicated,” opening in theaters in wide release Dec. 25.


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