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"Little Santa" Jon Agee, ages 3-7It takes a
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"Little Santa" Jon Agee, ages 3-7

It takes a lot of imagination to picture big-bellied, white-bearded Santa Claus as a child, but that's just what Jon Agee does in "Little Santa." Before making a splash with his revolutionary approach to gift delivery — flying reindeer, chimney entry, etc. Santa was, like every innovative genius, a square peg in a round hole. The Claus family hated living at the North Pole, but Santa, their perverse youngest, loved the cold and couldn't be coaxed out of his favorite red flannel snow suit. Just when the family was set to move to Florida, a well-timed blizzard changed the course of history. (Dial Books, $17.99)(Credit: Handout)

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